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Rogomme has NO Sulfite added

The word 'Rogomme' is an old French term used in cooking that translates to "a mixture",
This wine has derived from a 3 century year old Quercy recipe. It was the wine of Cahors enjoyed at the time of the French Revolution and is also the origin of the 'Black Wine' name given to the wines of Cahors by the English.

The winemaking process is quite unique and involves gently heating high-quality Malbec grapes (stems removed) in a large pot (because of this heating process, no bacteria can survive therefore this wine has ZERO sulfite added to it). Once cooled, the juice is transferred to old French oak barrels and the juice is fortified with high-alcohol wine brandy (eaux-de vie) to 17% alcohol. This liquor matures in barrel for a minimum of 2 years before it is ready to be blended with our older stock of Rogomme. The blending of older and younger vintages gives the Rogomme an immense complexity : aromas are of crushed elderberry, blackcurrant and prunes and the palate, and albeit sweet, has a great finesse because of the naturally high acidity and tannins of the Malbec.

The Rogomme is ideal for pairing with desserts : with dark chocolate, poured over fresh strawberries or with a christmas pudding, and also pairs very well with blue cheeses like Roquefort.