vintage 2014

Weather Conditions

After the difficult season of 2013 (with rain, hail and little shine) we were eager to start fresh for vintage 2014.
The autumn of 2013 was mild, and eased into a relatively warm and humid end of the year. The pruning and tying down of the canes were carried out in January, February and up until beginning of March under blue, cloudless skies, and the warm weather brought bud-burst forward to the 19th of March ; some 2 weeks earlier than the recorded average.
A warm and sunny Spring with light rainfall at just the right times kept the vines healthy and vegetative growth under control. Summer began with a beautiful and dry month of June, however the following months of July and August were scattered with showers, increasing disease pressure and stalling maturity.
Fortunately, September was warm, sunny and dry and advanced the sugar and phenolic maturity to a beautiful equilibrium.
The harvest started October the 3rd with the Merlot, the Malbec parcels were harvested from the 10th of October and the harvest was complete one week later.

Quality of the Vintage

Very good