vintage 2012

Weather Conditions

The 2012 season was marked by heterogeneity.
A dry winter period led to an unusually warm month of March with temperatures climbing above the 30 year average. Bud-burst was observed the beginning of April and was immediately disturbed by a month cool and wet weather.

May was warmer and drier than usual, June was rainy but then July was relatively dry. This 4 month period of unstable weather took it’s toll on the vines and delayed veraison to the 20th of August. Fortunately the period post-veraison was warm ans dry and eased the disease pressure and advanced the
maturity of the grapes.

Harvest began the 10th of October and finished with the top parcels a week later in perfect harvesting conditions.

Wine Style
The Chambert wines of 2012 are beautifully dark and intense in color. They have refined and
beautifully ripened fruit characters of blueberry and violet and their tannins are mellow yet
persistant. The wines have a mineral texture which balances the black fruit and generous
ripeness. The potential for cellaring is exceptional (20+ years).

Quality of the Vintage

Excellent !