vintage 2010

Weather Conditions

After a marvelous and sunny Autumn, November 2010 came with some welcome rain that replenished groundwater reserves depleted during the preceding months. The winter was cooler and drier than normal which delayed the onset of bud burst in both the Malbec and Merlot parcels.
From April the weather warmed up and dramatically advanced bud burst but then a wet and cool change in June disrupted flowering resulting in uneven grape berry size across the whole estate. Fortunately from the end of June the temperatures increased to expected averages and dry weather was experienced up until harvest which began on the 10th of October.
The 2010 summer was dry like that in 2009, yet the maximum daily temperatures were not as extreme and the nights were cooler. The vines experienced less heat and drought stress than in 2009 yet had sufficient heat and sunshine for beautiful ripening of the tannins.

Wine Style

The wines of 2010 are of exceptional quality with complex characters of red fruit, truffle, violets and silky round tannins. Although this vintage produced generous and rich wines, the finesse maintained from the cooler nights and the characteristic low pH of the calcaire soils of Chambert tames their powerful structure. The ripe tannins and dense fruit accompanied by this elegant acidity will ensure that the wines of 2010 have a tremendous potential to age.

Quality of the Vintage


Wine Analysis

Alcohol - 14.5%
Total Acidity - 4.15 g/L H2S04
pH - 3.4

Grand Vin
Alcohol - 14.5%
Total Acidity - 3.73 g/L H2S04
pH - 3.6