vintage 2009

Weather Conditions

The spring of 2009 was cool and wet and resulted in a late bud burst and slow growth. As of May, the temperatures rose and remained above seasonal average, positively impacting the vine growth and making up for the slight delay. The summer months were hot and dry and only 86mm of rain fell, a figure much lower than the 240mm average.
The extreme conditions proved tough and the vines began to show signs of water stress, but a welcome rain storm on the 10th of August replenished soil water content and helped the vines continue to veraison.
The date of 50% veraison was observed on the 15th August , 10 days earlier than in 2008.
There was no disease pressure during the ripening season and the drier than normal conditions further concentrated the already smaller than average berries.
The first day of harvest was the 2nd of October, one week earlier than the 50 year average. The harvest was complete after 10 days and was carried out in perfectly dry and sunny conditions.

Wine Style

Expect wines of great concentration and richness. Wines that are abound in red and black fruit characters and ripe tannins. The limestone soils of Chambert retain the mineral freshness and acid intensity of an otherwise ripe year and ensure that the wines of 2009 will develop nicely for many years to come.

Quality of the Vintage


Wine Analysis

Alcohol - 14.5%
Total Acidity - 4.08 g/L H2S04
pH - 3.48

Grand Vin
Alcohol - 14.5%
Total Acidity - 3.3 g/L H2S04
pH - 3.36