vintage 2008

Weather Conditions

The beginning of 2008 was much warmer than normal however the winter rainfall was on par with expected averages. The temperatures dropped for the growing season and delayed the bud burst and flowering.
The date of 50% veraison was observed on the 25th August, a week later than the recorded average.
Disease pressure during the ripening season was relatively high and similar to the cool 2007 growing conditions with frequent rainfall from early August to mid-September. The weather cleared and warmed up for the end of September and allowed the fruit to ripen in hot and sunny conditions.
The first day of harvest was the 14th of October and was complete after 10 days.

Wine Style

The 2008 wines are true to the style of cooler vintage wines. There is a striking acid profile that lineates the palate and adds a liveliness, energy and freshness. The fruit is pure, clean and has ripened slowly and delicately during the long post-veraison period. The finish is long and the tannins are silky and well integrated. The 2008 wines will benefit from time in bottle before consumption: the Château wine will begin to drink well from 2012, the GV from 2014. Both wines have great potential to age and will only flourish with extra cellaring time.

Quality of the Vintage

Very good

Wine Analysis

Alcohol - 13.5%
Total Acidity - 4.11 g/L H2S04
pH - 3.53

Grand Vin
Alcohol - 13.5%
Total Acidity - 3.65 g/L H2S04
pH - 3.34