vintage 2006

Weather Conditions

Beginning in good spirits the buds burst under a bright April sun. After a cloudy month of May, the months of June and July were remarkable for their sunshine and the flowering went well and berries formed and swelled quickly. In mid-July the vines were, fortunately, as we shall see later, 10 days in advance.
Veraison took place very early, around August 5. The month of August was very sunny yet relatively cool, and from September 15, maturation was completed under a cloudy and rainy sky. Despite this, our vines remained healthy until harvest but given the advanced maturity, we harvested earlier than usual (from 27 September to 6 October) and avoided a predictable degradation of the grapes. 

Wine Style

The wines of 2006 are powerfully aromatic in cassis, currant and raspberry but are a little lighter in alcohol due to the earlier harvesting.

Quality of the Vintage