vintage 2005

Weather Conditions

After a cold and dry winter, March and June were wetter than usual, (constituting good water reserves) but fortunately this did not have any adverse effects on flowering.
It did not rain in July and August and the vines planted on the shallower soils began to "suffer" some drought stress but fortunately some cool nights experienced during these months slowed evaporation and reduced any significant damage to these parcels.
A few rainfalls in September gave relief and renewed vigor to the vines, and steady and stable weather up until harvest gave the grapes a perfect maturity. Harvest began the 13th of October and lasted until the 24th of October.

Wine Style

The wines of 2005 are very colorful and the tannins are dense,. The fruit is extraordinary; blackcurrant, red currant and black cherry compote.

Quality of the Vintage