vintage 2004

Weather Conditions

January rains replenished groundwater after a somewhat dry and stressful 2003 for the vines.
A lovely Spring drove beautiful vegetation growth and the following month of June allowed for a complete and successful flowering. Due to dense vegetative growth, thorough leaf plucking was critical this year to ensure that there was sufficient space and airflow between the bunches.
July was very dry and the growth slowed down until some late August rains. Clear, sunny , but not too extreme weather was experienced from early September until harvest. The beginning of harvest was the 12 October and finished the 26th of October.

Wine Style

The 2004 vintage will be of good concentration and particularly fruity (blackcurrant, pear, raspberry, quince, etc.).
The yield is a little higher than usual; however perfumed grapes give great fruit intensity because of the mild temperatures of summer.

Quality of the Vintage