vintage 2002

Weather Conditions

This vintage will be remembered for the millerandage and chaotic climate conditions.
Rainfall in 2002 was generally low, except for the month of May, and it is precisely in May that the flowering of the vine occurs. Moisture and cold prevented a good fertilization of the flowers and by June 'millerandage' (when the grape berries vary considerably in size and maturity) could be spotted on the vines. On some clusters, only 40 to 80% of the berries had completed growth. This 'defect' was prevalent in 2002 in both Cahors and Bordeaux and as we saw later during the season, turned out to be very beneficial to the healthy ripening of grapes.
The months of June and July were reasonably sunny but August was often cloudy with scattered rain.
Fortunately the sun shone for all the month of September, almost without interruption, and only 20 mm of rain fell. The grapes ripened nicely, although the skins remained thick and firm.
The harvest began on October 7th and continued for 15 days.

Wine Style

A powerful nose reveals layers of candied fruits, such as strawberry, cherry, plum and pear. The intensity of the color is similar to that of the 2000 and 2001 vintages and the tannins are present without adding astringency to the finish.

Quality of the Vintage