vintage 2001

Weather Conditions

The winter of 2001 was incredibly mild which advanced bud-burst to mid-march, 15 days earlier than normal. The beginning of Spring was cooler than the Winter and the vineyards lost their head start and flowering took place around the normal time on the 10th of June. The set was very heavy and severe thinning was required ; we removed the small green clusters, adapting the load to the desired yields and improving the aeration of the clusters.
The summer of 2001 was hot and sunny and allowed healthy ripening of the grapes. The harvest started the 4th of October in optimal conditions and finished 12 days later

Wine Style

Small regular rains and good sunshine, are the characteristics of 2001. The healthy green leaves on the vines from spring to harvest intensely photosynthesised and produced concentrated grapes with thick skins. Everything is in balance: glucose, fructose, anthocyanins and tannins.
The wines are concentrated in color and show characters of black fruits; blackberry and black cherry, and spice. The tannins released from the seeds have an exceptional presence, they are smooth and velvety and give a subtle toast and hazelnut character to the wine.

Quality of the Vintage

A very good start to the century!