vintage 2000

Weather Conditions

The year 2000 is characterized by a hot and dry summer followed by the right amount of rain at the right times.
Flowering around June 5 was very prolific, and in some cases too many clusters were present and thinning was required. The month of July was dedicated to leaf plucking the vines, but just on the eastern side of the rows.
The exceptional heat of August, promoted excellent accumulation of anthocyanins (colorants) in the skin of the berries, however some heat peaks around the 15th of August "burnt" some berries that were exposed to the sun ; these scorched berries were not collected during the harvest.
Storms on the 18th, 25th, and the 28th of August, rehydrated the soil at the right time just as the rockiest plots were running out of water.
A magnificent month of September aided the maturation phase of the various constituents of the grape (skin, pulp and seeds) and on September 21st the harvest began with the Merlot.
After some rain in early October, the weather settled again and Malbec harvest began under mostly sunny skies. The quality was exceptional: no rotten grapes, ripe tannins and anthocyanins, and a sugar content of 12,5°.

Wine Style

Generally the 2000 harvest is characterized by great aromatic complexity, exceptional richness and a dark color. Young, the wines are very tannic, however this will this vintage will yield very long cellaring wines.
The 2000 vintage is memorable, both for its own qualities, and as the symbolic "end of the century" or three zeros!

Quality of the Vintage