vintage 1999

Weather Conditions

1999 will be remembered as "the year of the winemaker" because in the southern half of France, it was professionalism and know-how that made the difference between a good and great wine.
Long we will remember this tough year that put our nerves to the test: water, hail, winds, water, and finally some sun.
The first buds burst on March 21st and for the months of April and May, it didn’t stop raining: 200 mm and 180 mm fell respectively.
On April 29, a hail storm pounded the young and fragile shoots and leaves, tearing and injuring many clusters.
In early May we saw an average of 18 bunches per vine, far too many for a quality wine and thinning was required across the whole property reducing the average to 11 bunches/vine.
On the 5th and 12th of July, two more hail storms with high winds and heavy rain pounded the vines and damaged many more parcels.
July and August were hot and humid, and favorable for disease development but fortunately for the previous long and meticulous thinning in the vineyard there was good air flow around the leaves and bunches and mildew and botrytis do not take a toll.
From August 22nd to late September, the weather finally settled and the intense sun ripened and concentrated the berries. The harvest began September 21st and fortunately for the hard work carried out in the summer, the grapes arrive in an excellent condition.

Wine Style

The wines of 1999 are very black in color, very concentrated in aromas of black fruit jam and have easily supported the barrel aging of more than 12 months.
The high acidity and tannins of the wine guarantee that this wine has a very good shelf life.

Quality of the Vintage

Very Good