vintage 1998

Weather Conditions

In 1997 we told you, "it's the month of September that makes the wine" because over the previous years the harvests had significantly improved due to good weather during this month. In 1998 however, it was the month of August that determined everything!
A rainy and cool month of April delayed the start of the vegetation but a warm and rather dry month of May encouraged vegetation growth and flowering took place around the normal time of June 10th.
July was very hot and dry and the high temperatures were ideal for vines to tap into the water stored deep in the soil.
In late August there was a fantastic amount of sun and veraison was observed around the 15th of August. However, large rains in the first half of September had us fearing the worst: the grapes, although not having reached full maturity, were very sweet and thus susceptible to rot . Fortunately, the grapes remained botrytis free and regardless of the frequent rain showers, ripe and balanced fruit was achieved.
On September 22, we began harvesting the more mature parcels of the Malbec and 60% of the property was harvested before waiting until the 6th October to recommence.

Wine Style

1998 produced great wines at Chambert ; dense, structured and with fine tannins.

Quality of the Vintage

Very Good