vintage 1997

Weather Conditions

The 1997 harvest is remembered for it’s capricious climate and very hot and late summer.
The winter of 1996 was very dry and rather sunny and brought the bud break of the vines forward by three weeks to March the 7th. Such early bud-burst enhanced the risk of frost however fortunately the cold of March and April was not too severe and no problems occurred.
The flowering took place very early, from May 20th through to the 5th of June. A heavy downpour mid-June favored further vegetative growth and by the end of July we had full canopies of beautiful green shoots.
The normally warm and sunny month of August was unusually cloudy and damp and the increased humidity placed a lot of disease pressure on the vines. Fortunately, we saw a month of September unlike one experienced in more than 50 years with no rain and with more sunshine than August. Every day the sun concentrated the flavor of the grapes and the old adage ‘it’s September which makes the wine’ took its meaning.
The harvest began the 16th of September, some 2 weeks earlier than the usual date and was complete by the beginning of October. The sun shone and the weather was pleasant the whole harvest.

Wine Style

The 1997 vintage is fruity (blackcurrant, raspberry) and with finesse. Its ageing potential is high (about 15 years), thanks to its good minerality and natural acidity, which are the main agents of wine conservation.

Quality of the Vintage

Very Good