vintage 1995

Weather Conditions

The winter of 1994/1995 was mild, rather rainy and although it brought bud-break on quite early, the total time taken to see bud-burst across the whole property was much longer than normal. The month of June was ideal; sunny, cool and low humidity and flowering took place from the 7th to the 26th of June.
Everything was going well, but it was the capriciousness of “Mother nature” that changed everything. On the 1st and 2nd of July we were hit by two very violent hail storms from the South-West. Within living memory, such a cataclysm had never been experienced at Floressas. Hail 60 grams in size (the size of goose eggs), battered our vines and destroyed between 30% and 70% of our expected harvest. The leaves of the vines were tattered and ripped and remained shocked, without growth for the following 15 days.

New, young leaves grew and photosynthesis recommenced and helped the development of the remaining bunches. The sun shone almost uninterrupted from mid-July through to the month of August, advancing maturation and allowing the grapes to ripen perfectly.

The harvest began on September 21 with the Merlot, the Malbec harvest began the 27th of September and finally the Tannat from October 5th.

Wine Style

The 1995's are rich and ripe wines with aromas of black fruits, fresh mint and dark chocolate. The wines show beautiful purity and concentration and are round and supple on the mouth.

Quality of the Vintage