vintage 1994

Weather Conditions

Continuing on from the conditions of 1993, the winter of 1994 was mild and humid and this triggered an early bud-burst in the last week of March. Early April we experienced cooler weather which fortunately delayed the further development of these buds, as on April 14th there was a frost which burnt the exposed buds. Fortunately, nature is well adapted to such incidents and the loss of the burst buds and shoots caused the dormant/secondary buds to emerge.
Summer temperatures at the end of April favored exceptional shoot development and a beautiful month of June made for excellent fertilization. The light wind that scattered pollen, and the sun that dried the flowers were ideal conditions for perfect flowering.
The months of July and August were very warm and dry, some rainfall in late August eased drought stress and resulted in a plentiful and healthy crop heading into the month of September.
On Monday, September 12 at 5pm a hailstorm of exceptional force caused a lot of damage in the area. This storm grazed our vineyards and fortunately only 3 Ha were damaged. The picking team was urgently gathered and these parcels were harvested on September 14th.
The harvesting began for the remaining area of the property on the 25th of September and was complete 18 days later.

Wine Style

The wines of this vintage are concentrated and powerful. The tannin structure is pronounced but not aggressive.

Quality of the Vintage