vintage 1992

Weather Conditions

The highlight of 1992 was the passage of a violent hailstorm from the West on May 21st at 6:30pm. Hailstones with a diameter of more than 1cm tore through the leaves and young shoots. Without delay, we sent a team into the vineyards until the 10th of June to ‘trim’ the vines back to the size that one would find them after the winter pruning. This allowed the vines to re-adapt and find their balance after the shock of the hailstorm.
A lot of rain followed and fortunately some sunny and fine weather settled on the region from July 15th. This favored the push of a second generation of bunches and the vineyards regained their size.
To comply with the maturation of two generations of bunches, we harvested the vines in two stages : from the 8th to 15th of October for the first crop and then November 4th to the 11th for the second generation of bunches.

Wine Style

The wines developed a dried fruit (cherry and blackberry) character on the nose with some hints of vanilla and tobacco. The wines have good concentration and persistant tannins.

Quality of the Vintage