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Chambert's bronze seal
(coat of arms used for marking Chambert's barrels during the 18th and 19th centuries)

The history of Chambert is associated with over 2000 years of Cahors malbec. Sifting through the archives, one can retrace a part of her history back to the 10th century! Chambert fame culminated during the 19th century (in 1854 the vineyard was covering 392 Ha) and declined after General Bataille death in 1914 as her sister (a nun) inherited from the estate and let the vineyard turn wild. Hopefully the full vineyard was replanted in 1974 and organically grown.

Last 10 centuries

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1862 Ch.Chambert / 1914 Col du Bonhomme

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Chambert's Castle blueprint in 1867 (8 bedrooms, Salons, kitchens, Laboratories, Healthroom, Chapel,...)

In the past 100 years


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Chambert's year-1854 harvesting document (The vineyard was then covering 392 Ha)

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View from Chambert in 1900 (Vines & sheep)