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Cereals planted in the Vineyard mid-rows (month of November)

When visiting Chambert it is clear to see that it is environment that is the heart of the Chambert’s exceptional vineyards. The location of Chambert is naturally beautiful, and its charm and tranquility are inspiring.

All the work on the property is carried out with respect of the land and encourages the pure expression of Malbec. Biodynamics is used to achieve balance in life (the estate, the vines, the wine). Wine from Château de Chambert is authentic because it is true to its terroir.

The Folly of Our Civilization

The world has gone mad: in order to increase production, nature is no longer respected, even destroyed. To understand the evidence for a Biodynamic approach and the urgency of returning to a world that is respectful of the planet, watch this
edifying video

What is in wine?

Have you ever wondered what are you drinking when having a glass of wine?!
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See legal substances added to wine
(regular wine vs Organic, vs Biodynamic)

What is organic

What is Biodynamics ?

Every living thing - plant, animal and human - gives the best of itself when it feels good, safe and stress free. Once you understand this, you understand the philosophy of biodynamics. Biodynamics seeks harmony between the vineyard and its environment and takes nature as a whole. The soil becomes the most important component in this type of agriculture: all life on earth is dependent on the first meter of soil. The first meter of soil is rich in humus which took thousands of years of micro-biological activity and dense micro-abundant organisms to develop. These micro-organisms work tirelessly to produce the organic matter that plants need to grow and it is critical not to disrupt or weaken them.

Conventional agriculture has destroyed most of these microscopic populations with fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Biodynamics allows a return to a state of healthy soil, a process which can take a decade or more.

Birth of Biodynamics