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Cows in the vineyard

Chambert cares about harmony in the vineyard. Biodiversity is key and having animals on our land and vineyards was an obvious choice.

 In December 2016, a small herd of Scottish highland cattle arrived at our estate and will live on site all year round. They are an old breed (light-weight cows, not very tall) that can live outdoors no matter the weather. The cattle enjoy weeding our land and we’ve reserved them a part of our forest so they can always find shelter and have a minimum of 10Ha of land for grazing.

We regularly move the fences so they don’t stay permanently on the same plot, and from April through to September they no longer have access to the vineyard and our growing grapes are spared. As soon as harvesting is over, they can return to the vineyard and start-over their weeding work.

Everyday the cows distribute their natural fertiliser that adds to the natural compost that we spread over the vineyard.

Since their arrival, an amazing serenity has filled the vineyard and the estate ; they radiate an impressive energy of calm and zen.

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Outside, even in winter